SISE: module outline

This module title is SISE, standing for sound, image and sensory experience and it’s main aim is it get us to connect with our surroundings and actively see and listen to what is around with us. We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of our own lives, prioritising only on the things that seem important to us efficiently and economically. Our lecturers want us to produce a portrait of sound, still image and moving image which creates a ‘sense of place’ and we will do so by undertaking a variety of tasks which engages us with our location and all the elements of our surroundings in order to think about all these things in more detail when it comes to making film.

I feel that this module will be extremely useful as it gives everyone a chance to take a few steps back and listen, watch and observe. While we are instructed and guided technically via the use of workshops, seminars and lectures, we pretty much have free creative rein of this unit meaning we can express ourselves and take the opportunity to enterpret our initial ideas.

The core themes and topics of the module are:

  • Exploring sensory experiences
  • Developing strategies for actively seeing, hearing and recording sensory experiences
  • Exploring sound and image production
  • Developing and sustaining a creative portfolio
  • Discussing emerging creative ideas online and in small group settings
  • Evaluating audience experiences
  • Contextualising work in relation to stated intentions and to wider practice.

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