Sweded film – Predator

Sweding is the process of recreating a full length feature film, with no pre or post production and with limited resources, to be presented in no longer than 4 minutes.

Here is our sweded version of the classic Predator. When the decision was made to do Predator, I had never seen it, but I went home and watched it realising it would be perfect to use. Comprising of a simple narrative, achievable props and plenty of bad acting to adhere to. While watching examples of sweded films online, we noticed the main thing that kept the story tied together and made them funny were the classic quotes and scenes. For example, in a version of Edward Scissorhands, the best scene they recreated is the distinctive shot of him struggling to eat peas.

While watching and evaluating ours against the rest of the class’ work, we realised that we had focused too much on trying to make it funny, and less time developing the script and getting the narrative right.

This exercise has been a learning curve for us, making us realise the importance of developing a clear script and structure which forms the backbone of production, with the rest of the elements (props, jokes e.t.c) coming later.


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