Production meeting

Our first meeting as a production group generated many ideas of which road we could go down with our media futures documentary. While chatting amongst ourselves about what brought us all to UWE and (more importantly) Bristol as a city, the recurring topic of conversation was the variety and amount of media opportunities that Bristol has to offer and the potential prospects for us as students in a new city.


I began my personal research into James Dalby by visiting his website and watching his show reel, revealing the broad variety of work he has done while working on The One Show as production, camera and edit assistant. He has a vast body of work including graphics, crane and drone shots of building demolitions and the feature he did for The One Show of a leaf decaying. This is where I also found his personal electronic and design work. He has built an automated 3D scanner and a camera slider which enables you to do long term time lapses.


We have set up a Facebook group where we could share our ideas and what we’d discovered through our personal research of Bristol’s media scene, through this we shared videos of documentary styles we thought we could take inspiration from, media companies (both independent and corporate) and general articles about Bristol as a city. This way, with everyone watching and reading the same material and discussing it, I feel it got us all on the same page with the same mentality to begin production.


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