Moving image carousel day

In today’s moving image carousel day, we will explore:

  • The cinematic frame and its importance in defining what we see and also what we don’t see.
  • The arrangement of objects and characters within the frame that result in a composition.
  • The illumination f those objets and characters either by natural means or artificial. Also the importance of shadow or lack of illumination.
  • Correct colour balance and the creative use of colour within filmmaking.
  • Movement within the frame or the moving of the frame in space.
  • Changes in the optical properties of an image through pilling focus or zooming of the lens.
  • Other properties such as slow motion, stop animation and optical distortion.

The above characteristics all contribute to the cinematic mise-en-scene.

As a whole class group, we decided on the theme of an alien coming down to Earth. We began filming at Ashton Court, and followed the movements of our alien (Alex) emerging from the bushes and heading down into the university.

It was really interesting to be able to observe John’s decision making – what shots he chose, how he framed them, their length and his different creative techniques. I was pleasantly surprised by how good our montage of looked on screen especially as there was no post production involved and all editing had been done in camera.

I really liked the look of John’s shots, they were nicely paced, not rushed or too fancy. In fact my favourite shot was one of the reflection of slow moving clouds in a high window. Another I was drawn to was the reflections and shadows of people walking through the automatic doors, again very smoothly paced.

This workshop has made me think a lot about creating mies-en-scene and I will definitely take John’s advice when it comes to creating my independent moving image project and in later productions too.


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