Sound carousel day

This is the soundscape I created from our sound carousel day.

Because we saw everybody recording their sound outside, we decided to go into a cafe and ask them to record the sounds of them making drinks, serving customers and the sounds of eating and drinking.

We also recorded the sounds of footsteps through leaves, the sound of birds taking flight, traffic, people passing by and car engines.

I found that listening to the tracks back in logic, that the sounds really create that sense of place. I put the outdoors sounds together and it immediately felt cold, miserable and urban, whereas when I put the cafe sounds together, the faint music, clattering plates, milk frother and sound of eating created a cosy atmosphere.

It is true that wearing the headphones make you feel strange. We collected sound using a direct mic, so when other members of my group pointed it at different things when I was wearing the headphones, it makes you lose your sense of surroundings as you feel closer to the sound.


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