SISE: Soundscape

The title for my soundscape is Kitchen. I used a Tascam sound recorder with a sennheiser compressor mic to film the sounds of preparing a meal. I was originally going to create a single layered track with one sound going on at a time e.g. chopping, frying, getting pans out but when I came to edit it together it ended up that it sounded better with two tracks playing at the same time. I found that this gave the impression of an awkward cooking situation which is when I came up for the idea of having two people preparing dinner together in total silence. I found that the noises came across very acute and forceful, which adds to the idea of an awkward dinner time. I tried to make the soundscape into a crescendo the whole way through, adding more and more sounds and making the sounds nastier to listen to as the track goes on, ending in the sound of frying.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 23.29.31


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