SISE group meeting

During our first meeting as a group, we showed each other our personal projects which happened to have recurring themes – urban, night time and landscapes, so after discussions amongst ourselves and with tutors, we decided to bring these aspects together. The base for our production will be made up of these three elements. We were originally going to chose Stapleton Road as our location, but we instead went with the Bearpit because it is easier and faster for everyone to get to and is also safer to be walking around at night with expensive filming and sound recording equipment.

“The Bearpit has become a kind of no man’s land between the commercial shopping districts of Broadmead and Cabot Circus, and the now-resurgent cultural areas of Stokes Croft and St. Pauls.” – 

I think that documenting the bear pit through the angles of sound, still and moving image will be really interesting as it is currently undergoing a big transformation as the Bearpit Improvement Group strive to turn the area into a showcase for local artists and to improve the general atmosphere for the people who use it.



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