Today was the day we really got started discussing production and our plans for our transmedia experience.

We began by fine-tuning the story line of our main idea which is a ‘chose your own destiny’ game in which Hansel gets taken captive by the evil witch and Gretel must raise the ransom money (100 beans) by enlisting the help of the other fairytale creatures. The witch is an extremely powerful force in the forest, she rules over it with a cruel and unforgiving attitude.

On the way to the witch, Gretel meets a variety of characters, the way she interacts with them will decide the next steps she takes in the game and how successful she will be. To consolidate this, in our game we will have a ‘morality meter’ which will go up and down depending on how helpful, moral and wise she is and a ‘bean meter’ which will go up and down depending on how many beans you have raised. The kinder your decisions, the more you will be rewarded.

“Will you raise the ransom to save your brother from the evil clutches of the witch? You decide.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 16.48.10


We have decided to incorporate characters from other fairytales/fables/nursery rhymes to make the game more relatable and interesting, we thought that this would bring in a nostalgic element for the audience as they would fondly recognise characters from their childhood but twisted to fit modern values. Shrek was a good example for this, as we watch it we enjoy the presence of the fairytale characters because they are familiar and that makes it funnier when present-day situations effect them. It is this coming together of characters, situations and eras which will make up the basics for our game.

As well as the main storyline (shown in the photo above) we would incorporate side quests/missions which would gain you more magic beans or increase your morality meter. For example, you may be given the option to a) help the three blind mice cross the road or b) take advantage of their loss of sight and steal 10 magic beans.

We would also have things that you need to collect along the way which may help you out of sticky situations. For example, we thought of an idea in which we could collect the 12 red roses throughout the game and if you collect them all (and don’t raise enough beans) you can charm the witch into giving Hansel back.

These are ideas which would be used for the main game or the smaller app version, depending on how demanding it is to code such things.

We also discussed ways of marketing the game (and other components) in an interactive way. We are going to make ransom videos, missing posters, ransom posters, and use the hashtag #bringhanselhome to promote our transmedia project. I volunteered to create the posters and logos for the opposing teams, the Little Red Rebellion vs. The Witch.


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