• Dom made a valid point of “what happened to tip Jack over the edge? Why does he lash out so frequently?” so we decided that more emphasis needs to be focused on Jack’s obsessive nature and portray that through the mise-en-scene. Alex is conducting research on a variety of props including plants, mainly bonsai trees.
  • We discussed and made several changes to the script, both large and small. Some of the language was deemed too formal for a domestic setting – this will be edited this week. With some guidance from Ann-Marie, we have decided to create only one major conflict scene, as two may be too much for just a 5-minute film. We agreed that having two conflicts that were fairly similar damaged the credibility of the script.
  • We talked more about the motif of plants within the script: lily of the valley, bonsai trees (which symbolise peace) and the subsequent smashing of it (symbolising Jack’s rage letting lose). Due to the length restriction being 5 minutes, a montage of Jack pruning the bonsai might be slightly ambitious, a collection of shots from different angles could create an interesting title sequence and would reinforce the significance of the plant.

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