Leading on from the day we spent discussing story world, I engaged in some wider research about postmodernism and the idea of ‘pastiche’ which we have adopted and noted in many aspects of our product.

Fredric Jameson is a Marxist political theorist and a literary critic who has written many books about modernism, postmodernism, narrative theories, cultural theories, globalization, capitalism and Marxism. He is widely known for his analyses of postmodernism and his belief that parody has been replaced by pastiche, becoming a “blank parody”, “parody that has lost its sense of humour.”

This idea stems from the fact that we live in a world of mass culture, we have all seen so many films, seen so much art, listened to so much music that it is impossible to create anything original, everything is a copy of a copy. He calls this the ‘cannibalization of the past’.

The essay in the link below was originally a talk given by Fredric Jameson which was presented in 1982 in a Whitney Museum lecture. What drew me to the essay was his description of the “nostalgia film” and how it is derived from the pastiche. Although Jameson clearly feels negatively towards the idea of pastiche in popular culture, it is relevant to our project in that we are creating a sort of patchwork quilt of fairy tale traits, matching them together in a world which combines many different cultures and eras.





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