In todays lecture, we discussed user experience, audience profiling and platforms.

Transmedia user experience had four key goals:

  • Useable: All content should be easy and straightforward to use, users will get bored and close something if it isn’t immediately obvious how to use something.
  • Desirable: All content should be pleasing to the eye. Similar to the point above, if something isn’t eye catching and attractive, users won’t bother playing it/interacting with it.
  • Consistency: Not one element should be better than the other, the quality should be consistent throughout the experience.
  • Credible: If the content is completely bizarre and out of this world, it makes it unrelatable and too abstract. It needs to be slightly credible no matter how strange the concept.

Audience profiling was the topic that I was most keen on learning about because we aren’t exactly sure who out audience is at this point and it is key to understand your audience before you can start to deliver content to them. It was initially hard to profile our audience because the primary component is fairytales which are obviously aimed at children, but, we want it to be in a nostalgic way so we will have to aim all of our content and marketing at an older generation.

Who are they? 

Typically 14-21 year old high school/college kids with interests in fantasy, comedy and parody. They would possibly play games such as Sims, Fable, Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga. The social media they would use would include twitter, youtube, instagram and tumblr.


Youtube: We would use youtube to upload our ransom video because it can then easily be shared across a range of other social media sites.

Twitter: Carla is going to create Twitter accounts, one for the witch and one for Little Red’s Rebellion. We can use these sites to share posters, videos and opinions of the characters. I have seen this technique used with other fictional characters and they have really worked. Our audience will be able to interact with the characters and feel more involved in the storytelling.

Tumblr: I am going to create a first person tumblr blog for Hansel, where he can express his views and opinions as well as images that he would be interested in if he were real. The blog will  be taken over by Gretel when Hansel goes missing, updating the blog with missing posters, pleas for Hansels return e.t.c, this way our audience can be directly involved with the drama.

The app: Anthony and Alex are going to create a coded app version of the game. This will be a watered-down version with a simpler storyline, less side quests and extras e.t.c but something that could quickly be played by anyone on their phone, accessible through any of our online mediums.



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