Politics is a massive component of ‘Sweet Hostage’. In group discussions recently, we have spoken largely about the political dynamics in our story world and how it can become a key theme across all media platforms.

The fact that our product/experience is political, means that it is very relatable and drawing comparisons between our government system and the system in our fictional story world will be an interesting device to play with.

The forest (which is where our game is set) is governed by The Witch in the form of a dictatorship. She is very cruel and cunning, enlisting Mr. Wolfe (a known corporate giant) and his crew of wolves to sweep the poor under the carpet and stamp out freedom of speech in the land. Little Red is the leader of The Resistance against the witch. She is a hero to the fairy tale people and creatures of the forest as she strives to restore it to it’s natural safety and beauty. 

I will create a first person tumblr blog for Hansel which he will use before his capture by the witch. This will add to the ‘breadcrumb trail’ of clues and information which should aid anyone as they play the game. The tumblr page would work as a puppet for me being the voice of Hansel, updating with general thoughts, updates as well as images that would interest him.


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