Equipment list: 

Nikon D810 Digital SLR – 36 megapixel (full frame) – 51 point AF system – Full HD (1080p)


The D810 is a great camera to shoot video on, its great for creating a defined, cinematic look and is the step-up from the D800 which was used to shoot the stunning Drive Dir. Nicholas Winding Refn. My partner and I have always shot our personal work on Nikon and collected a wide range of lenses over the last 6 years due to the fact that even the most up to date Nikon bodies (digital and film) use the same F mount that was first designed in 1959 for 35mm film cameras. This makes lens buying a lot more economical than, for example, canon because you can pick up old but great lenses for as little as £5.

Sigma Super-wide 24/2.8

24 2.8

This lens will be ideal for filming in the restricted amount of room we’ll have to play with. The images it produces are really vibrant and sharp. The focus mechanism unfortunately is noisy so I would use this lens mainly for static, wide shots or possibly two shots as well.

Nikon 50mm 1.4 G

50 1.4

I’ll use this lens to shoot the close up shots of the actors as the depth of field on the Nikon 50mm is so shallow and the aperture goes so wide it’s perfect for shooting people. It is also ideal because you can adjust the manual focus by touching the focus ring rather than flicking the side switch, or, if you shoot in auto focus nothing moves except the glass which makes for smooth focus work.

Nikon AS-F 35mm 1.4 G

35mm 1.4

This slightly wider prime is probably what I’ll use the most, it’s a very versatile lens which offers a smooth bokeh for a cinematic look which will look great for close ups of Jack. It’s similar to zeiss lenses used in high end video.



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