• We reviewed the images of the newest location, all agreeing that it is possible to use – it has been confirmed for the dates we need it for, we will have one evening and one full day to shoot. Technically, this is enough time to shoot but from the images I’ve seen it looks like it is going to be a struggle to move around the space easily. The rooms look small and due to choice of decor and furniture, could be problematic to light proficiently. I can see this causing problems on the day, I am going to have to plan the shot lists very carefully in order to get the shots we need while avoiding getting lights, each other and sound equipment out of shot.
  • Dom agreed that the latest form of the script has taken shape and is now near completion apart from the ending. We discussed our ideas about how it should end and concluded that it needs a reveal, rather than an open-ended question. The director (Patrick) and I considered the possibility of a simple but powerful shot of her, Sophia and Megan in a tight embrace.
  • The script has now been changed back again to have two major conflict scenes. Both the bonsai smashing scene and the soup spilling scene. In relation to how little time and space we will have, it is going to be impossible to shoot those major scenes on just one dslr which is what Patrick has specified. I’ve decided to borrow another camera which I will use on the day as it will take the pressure off shooting everything on one camera. This means that we can film simultaneously, shooting double the footage in half the time.

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