In today’s session, we received a lecture all about creating and developing an immersive and expansive story world. We then had a meeting where we talked in depth about characters, themes and predominantly on story world.

Our story world is based in a medieval landscape with many tropes remaining loyal to the original tale of Hansel and Gretel and the general fairy tale genre. However, we are bringing in many characters and elements from many other tales. For example, The Little Red Revolution is based on Little Red Riding hood but her the story has been skewed so that now her plan is to overthrow the ‘witch’. The witches character is based on a combination of traditional fairy tale witches but will be physically presented as a flashy, cruel businesswoman.

We have had ideas about bringing in other easily recognizable characters into the world of Sweet Hostage, like having the three blind mice trying their hardest to cross a horse-drawn cart congested road, and Sleeping Beauty not really asleep but lying in bed watching Netflix all day.



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