During my research, I discovered the work of a street artist (who identifies as Herr Nilsson) from Stockholm who combines the innocent with the controversial, creating comical, truthful and hard-hitting works of art. He refers to himself as “a street artist and visual activist” and it is the political statements he makes combined with the familiar pop culture characters which makes his works so compelling.

“All my paintings have to communicate their message through a great laugh, together with a deep darkness,” says Herr. “If an image doesn’t have both, I won’t let it pass through. I wouldn’t do a painting that makes fun of victims from the Holocaust or sexual abuses without any other purpose than just mocking with them.” Context, he continues, is also key: “If I had pasted the Hell Kitty on a Jewish gravestone, the final reading would have been totally different.” – Herr Nilsson – http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/jan/30/hello-kitty-herr-nilsson-nazi-graffiti-street-art-protest

The reason I have included these in my journal is because I feel that Nilsson’s work is very inspiring and relate-able to the posters, prints and visual elements I will produce which will act as possible marketing campaigns and key elements of or project, Sweet Hostage. The clashing contrast of tropes paired with the bitter-sweet delivery of honesty used by Nilsson is truly inspiring and something I hope I can take away and think about in a fairy tale genre.


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