Homicides, Firearm Offences and Intimate Violence 2010/11Supplementary Volume 2 to Crime in England and Wales 2010/11: Kevin Smith (Ed.), Sarah Osborne, Ivy Lau and Andrew Britton


I selected the table above to convey how rare the case in our film is. It shows the shocking difference between the percentage of female compared to male homicides which are committed by their partner/ex-partner. It it far more likely for a man to be murdered by someone else he knows (45%) or a stranger (27%) than a partner (5%).

“The Homicide Index also holds information about the circumstances of each homicide. Just over a half (53%, or 335 offences) of homicide cases in 2010/11 resulted from a quarrel, a revenge attack or a loss of temper. This proportion was higher where the principal suspect was known to the victim (60%), compared with when the suspect was unknown to the victim (39%).”



I examined the tables above to find out what the odds are of a 26 year old woman poisoning her 29 year old partner. The age range actually has the second highest percentage of offences. In the last table, I was drawn to the drastic influx of poisoning cases in 2002/3 with 66 cases, three times more than the year previous. I did research into this, and discovered that on Jan 5th 2003 seven people were arrested in North London after police found 22 castor oil beans – the raw material for the poison ricin among cyanide recipes.



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