• I think that maybe Philippa dropping out of the role of Ania came as a blessing in disguise as that would have been a whole other person and character to account for lighting, framing and blocking wise on the days of shooting. We had a lot to portray about the dynamics of the family in a very short amount of time.
  • As a group, especially the ones who worked on the film from the beginnings of the script through to the end, I think we severely underestimated what is possible to portray in a short film. There is so much going on in that family as it is without having a nanny involved too. There simply would not have been the time or the space on the day.
  • The shock of being let down made us compromise and be strategic, sacrificing our original, re-worked and heavily pawed over script for a more reasonable and easily achievable one. We spent a solid and intense two days re-writing the script without Ania and I also adjusted the shot lists accordingly.
  • There was no way of finding two actors this late in the day but luckily I have managed to convince a friend to try to act for us as Sophia.

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