As we got all filming over and done with by the 23rd March, I want to get the editing process started as quickly as possible. Although there is a two week Easter holiday, I am going to spend it editing because I am using Avid Media Composer which is a software that I have limited experience with so I want to give myself plenty of time to get to grips with it.

I learnt the basic splicing process in UWE workshops but really started learning the ins and outs of the software by watching YouTube tutorials posted by Creative Cow while following step by step.

After completing the offline edit and writing notes on each take, I was able to start editing together a time line. I decided to edit each scene as a different sequence, meaning that I can work on each scene independently before putting them all together so that Avid runs smoother and there is not so much clutter in the workspace.

When reviewing the footage after the shoot, it was clear that we had undershot. We were extremely tight for time on both of the days and were always behind schedule as the schedule was disregarded and production stalled frequently. Several key shots had not been framed proficiently so I spent a lot of time adding nesting effects which enabled me to rescale and adjust some shots which saved a few. Other takes could be cut away from just before (for example) a light came into shot.



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