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The Arts House is a bohemian cafe in the heart of Stokes Croft that serves food made with locally sourced ingredients which is open between 10am and 11pm. The lower floor, however, is a space used for all sorts of arts activities including gallery space, poetry and cinema events and live music. We were interested in The Arts House because it is a creative hub brimming with lots of interesting arts and media. We originally wanted to interview the manager or owner but unfortunately we ran out of time and couldn’t fit a second interview into our documentary.

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Icon films are a robust, independent production company based in Bristol. They are The One Show’s preferred suppliers but also produce documentaries and supply footage for a variety of international companies. The reason I started researching Icon films is because when James Dalby gave a talk in the first week, he spoke about how he had been trying to get a job with them for a long time which sparked my interest and made me wonder why he wanted to work for them.

“We work with wild animals, household names, acknowledged experts in a diverse range of fields and bring accessibility, revelation and storytelling to the screen.” – Chris Farrell

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Idle hands is an independent record shop located in Stokes Croft which specialises in house, reggae, techno and bass music. Chris Farrell, owner, was enthusiastic about the idea of an interview. We were initially interested in the shop because we wanted to explore the flourishing independent side of Bristol’s media, however, after our first meeting with Tim, we decided to drop the idea as we decided as a group that it wouldn’t fit well enough with the rest of our documentary.

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Films at 59 are a pre and post production house which started up in 1990 and has grown substantially since then, branching out into equipment hire with its own database of people (including freelancers). They welcome filmmakers and crew of all ages and experiences to send in their cv for upcoming opportunities to shadow or be involved in a wide variety of production roles.

On finding this website, it inspired me to think about the dynamics of the film and media industry in Bristol and I wanted to incorporate this into our interview, debating the amount of creative freedom you may lose out on in a permanent role in comparison to freelance work.

This is where I first watched James’ showreel and browsed his website, researching the vast variety of work he has already undertaken. I found his inventions as inspiring as the array of footage shown on his showreel, from graphic work to a time lapse of a leaf decaying, building demolitions e.t.c.

He goes into detail about what his roles were on The One Show with Icon films and I will be interested in discovering how this differs to his new job as edit assistant at the BBC natural history unit.